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The Valley

Latest from the Blog

Discovering the Indoors

Today went by like yesterday, The virus cascading in a wave. Staying out is no longer okay Distancing is the only way. Faced with months indoors, No clear prospect of a night of revelry. Keeping sane amidst the silence Renewing goals and pursuing outlets, All to strike that precarious balance. We each tread on chosen…

A summer break

That rush is what we think,when actually its just the relief,slowly though it may sink,spreading all over within just a blink! All the fears and tears,those awful awful stresses,all give way to happy guessesof a summer fulfilling idle wishes. Feeling nothing, yet so much more;rush of emotion, loud and pure.unwinding from life’s cogwheel,breaking out from…

At the end of the tunnel

Beam of light toward a distant world.Standing, all is open space, yet cold;barren though the trail may seem,treading upon them is many a dream. Winding though the path and mind,Inching up and up in uncertain anticipation,for along the path whatever we find;hurdles and joys, all part of the destination. We say there’s no greater joythen…

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